What files are the products?

Most products purchased through the shop are .psd, .doc, or .pdf.  Each product is identified with the type of file that they come in.   Please read the following information below to understand how to work these files.

Zipped Files

  • Almost ALL products are zipped – which means they are compressed for quicker download.  You MUST unzip these or you will get an error.  There are a ton of tutorials on the internet (Just google your operating system + “unzip files”)
  • If you do not know how to unzip please do not purchase the item.
  • Apple users: Double click item to automatically unzip
  • PC users: Just google your operating system + “unzip files” to find a tutorial for your operating system

.PSD – Marketing Templates

These are Photoshop files and canNOT be opened in Lightroom.  They can only be opened in PS or PSE programs.

.Pdf – eBooks, etc.

These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview (Apple users).  Acrobat is a free download here

.Doc  – Contracts 

  • Typically opened in Microsoft Word BUT they can be opened without Word on a mac.
  • If you are on a MAC and do NOT have word, press/hold control + click on the file.  A pop up will come up. Choose “Open with” and select TextEdit.
  • You can open .doc files in Google Documents for use – you will need a Google account separate from us.
  • We are unable to provide alternate file types at this time.

.xls – Accounting Spreadsheets

These files require Microsoft Excel to open.

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